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Finance Valley is counting down the five most affordable sports cars you should watch in the coming year. With gas prices turning many folks into eco-conscious drivers, there’s no doubt we’ll continue to see fewer people purchasing sports cars over the next few years. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy owning a supercar without breaking the bank. Here are some affordable sports cars you can buy today for under $15,000. These vehicles aren’t necessarily cheap because they’re old; instead, they’re cheap because they haven’t been around long enough to increase in value like luxury sedans and SUVs.

Third-generation (NC) Mazda MX-5 Miata

Despite its recent price increase, the Mazda Miata still ranks high among our favourite affordable sports cars. We recently ranked it number one out of 10 affordable sports cars. This is thanks to its timeless styling, solid performance, and excellent value. But there’s another reason why the Miata is such a good buy. And it doesn’t involve the price tag.

The third generation of the Miata (2010 model year) offers modern amenities, classic sports coupe handling, stellar fuel economy, and a great price. For example, according to U.S.News & World Report, consumers can have a third-gen Miata for around ten grand.

Mazda MX-5 Miata

While the original Miata (first generation) is now over 20 years old, the third-generation model offers modern amenities like heated seats, Bluetooth connectivity, and a backup camera. The third-gen Miata offers classic sports car handling and superb fuel efficiency. The base model starts at just under $20,000, while the mid-level SE trim retails for about $24,500. The top-of-the-line Touring Sport model costs about $27,000.

With a starting MSRP of just over $25,000, the third-gen model is the best deal in the class.

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 Ford Mustang (S197)

The  Ford Mustang is one of the best-selling American cars ever. And while many people think of the muscle car when they hear the name “Mustang,” there are three models in the lineup. This includes the base coupe, convertible, and GT versions. The GT version of the Mustang is the fastest production vehicle in America.

However, despite being one of the most popular vehicles, the S197 Mustang doesn’t come cheap. For example, the cheapest model starts at around $10,000. But if you want something a little more luxurious, you’ll pay about $14,000. And if you want a GT model, expect to spend somewhere in the ballpark of $16,000-$17,000.

But even though it’s pricey, the Mustang still offers some excellent value for what you’re getting. Not only does it offer good performance, but it also looks nice. Plus, unlike other sports cars, the Mustang isn’t known for being overly expensive. So whether you’re looking for a fun ride or a reliable daily driver, the Mustang could be the perfect fit.

Nissan 370Z

The Nissan 370Z is one of the best-selling sports cars ever produced. It’s the fourth best-selling model in history based on units sold. Launched in 2006, the 370Z had been around since 2003 but was discontinued in 2008. However, in 2011, the 370Z returned to the market and remained there.

In addition to being a great driving machine, the 370Z is also a beautiful vehicle. With its aggressive styling and sleek shape, the 370Z looks like no other sports car. And with its performance capabilities, you won’t find anything quite like it either.

For a 2010 370Z, expect to pay anywhere between $12,689-$13,753.

Scion FR-S

The Scion FR-S is a sporty coupe built around a lightweight chassis that provides outstanding driving dynamics. With a unique combination of high performance and affordability, the FR-S offers drivers a rewarding balance of power, agility, and style.

Scion FR-S

A cooperative venture between Subaru and Toyota, the FR-S shares many critical attributes with the legendary Impreza WRX STI, including a compact exterior footprint, rear-drive layout, and turbocharged flat-four engine. But unlike the WRX STI, the FR-S features a lighter body structure, stiffer suspension, and a lower centre of gravity.

With just over 100 horsepower per litre, the 2.0L Boxer 4-Cylinder Engine delivers responsive acceleration and robust mid-range torque. Its lightweight, low centre of gravity and rigid construction make the FR-S ideal for spirited driving.

For those seeking even more outstanding performance, the optional 3.6L Flat-4 EJ25 engine adds additional power while maintaining fuel efficiency. The optional Sport Package includes 19-inch wheels, a limited-slip differential, and Bilstein shocks for even more excitement.

Available in both manual and automatic transmissions, the FR-S provides drivers with a thrilling driving experience.

Chevrolet Camaro

The fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro spans model years 2010 to 2015. In addition to the standard V6 engines, there are five different options for buyers looking for something more powerful. These include the 4.3L LS1 V8, the 5.0L LT1 V8, the supercharged 6.2L LSA V8, the turbocharged 6.2L LT4 V8, and the supercharged 6.8L LSA V8. A sixth option is a Z28 version, which includes the aforementioned 6.2L V8 plus a 7.0L small block V8.

The fourth-gen Camaros were powered by either a 3.5L V6 or a 2.9L four-cylinder engine. Both versions offered up to around 180 horsepower. For 2016, the third-generation Camaros came with the base 3.6L V6 producing 305 hp. For 2017, the second-gen Camaros got a facelift and added a few features, including LED headlamps, fog lights, and daytime running lamps. Under the hood, the V6 gained ten horses while the four-cylinder lost three.

Chevrolet Camaro

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In 2018, the fifth-generation Camaro got a mild refresh. The most significant change is the addition of a new front fascia featuring more oversized air intakes and headlights. The car also gains a redesigned rear end with a sloping roofline and taillights that feature LEDs. Inside, the seats offer improved comfort, and the steering wheel now feels more natural in the hands.

By 2020, the sixth-generation Camaro will arrive with some significant changes. Gone are the removable hardtop roofs and the tailfins. There are also no longer any V8 options. Instead, buyers can choose among six trims: SS, Sport Coupe, Turbo, Track Pak, GT, and RS. Each trim offers unique performance, technology, and interior amenities.

There are several key differences between the Camaro and Chevy’s Corvette. First off, the Camaro is much smaller than the Corvette. Second, the Camaro doesn’t come with a convertible body style as the Corvette does. Third, the Camaro lacks the high-performance variants found in the Corvette. Finally, the Camaro is built in Oshawa, Ontario, whereas the Corvette is built in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

An overview of sports car loans

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