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Technology and accessories have become the main draws of cars, rather than the mechanics. As your car gets flashier and flashier, you might want to add more and more to it. Nevertheless, the majority of them are probably not necessary. Here you will find out which necessities are necessities and which luxuries are luxuries.

How do Car add-ons work?

There are hundreds of add-ons available for vehicles, but each typically falls into one of three categories:

  • Accessories fitted by the dealer – During the production process, the dealer installs these items. Alloy wheels and spoilers are examples of these.
  • Accessories fitted by the manufacturer – A car manufacturer is responsible for fitting these to a specific car. You may find many features in a car, such as GPS, sunroofs, and safety features.
  • Accessories from a third party -You can typically fit these yourself after purchasing them from a third party. There are many types of floor mats and seat covers to choose from.

Avoiding Car add-ons

The following are some of the essential car add-ons to avoid:

Warranties that extend

Those with extended warranties may be able to claim if their vehicle fails. There is already a warranty on cars that covers you if something goes wrong with them that you were not responsible for. The cost of extended warranties is usually too high, and they come with too many terms and restrictions.


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Tinting in addition

Additional tinting is designed to darken your windows further and keep the interior of your vehicle cooler. Dealer tinting is usually of poor quality and expensive, as most cars already have tinted. If you want to tint your vehicle later, it’s usually best to wait and consult a professional.

Protectors for headlights

A headlight protector protects your headlights. It’s improbable you’ll need these unless you’re planning on driving offroad often.

Insurance packages

Buying a car from your dealer is like bundled tire and rim insurance, car insurance, and even life insurance. However, according to a report by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), this bundle of services often provided little value for money and little benefit. Just 9% of insurance claims processed in three years were successful, despite customers paying $1.6 billion. Dealers, on the other hand, earned $602 million in commissions.

Installation of car alarms

It’s a good idea theoretically, but its practical application is complex. When your car alarm repeatedly goes off, you could be fined by the police if someone is trying to break in, even if someone is trying to break in.

What you should have in your car

With auto add-ons, your vehicle can be made safer and more valuable, including:

Camcorder for the rearview

If your car does not already have one, it may be worth considering getting a rear-view/reversing camera. These devices may be expensive, but they can provide incredible peace of mind and make you a safer driver. You can benefit significantly from a rear-view camera if you have difficulty reversing or parking or have kids and pets running around your house.

Brakes with antilock

New cars commonly include essential safety features for anti-lock braking systems (ABS). By pumping brakes automatically, ABS prevents your vehicle from skidding and losing control. It’s one of those purchases you’ll be glad you made if you don’t need it.

Integration of Bluetooth technology

We have a blog devoted to Electric Cars in Australia, in case you are looking for one.

Integration of Bluetooth technology

Most cases also include Bluetooth, which is not a completely necessary feature. Bluetooth, on the other hand, can make your life much easier and safer if you don’t have it and take a lot of phone calls while on the go. Taking calls legally and safely while driving can help you save time and make your journey safer if your phone is automatically connected and ready to go.

Mats for floors

While floor mats are unnecessary, they are a cheap and straightforward add-on that can save you a lot of money. Objects and people scratch the surface of your car, causing wear and tear. A cheap floor mat will keep your vehicle’s surface clean and protect it from damage.

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