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Are you stuck with the loan decision? Not sure which loan will direct you to your goal? If you want to have a smooth loan process go with people who are passionate about doing so. The good news is you are at right place, find your dream home using our Construction Loan Broker   Specialists will make your loan success rate high.

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Are you a builder, property owner or developer looking to build a home, renovate or knockdown and rebuild? Let Finance Valley help you to secure construction home loans at better rates.  We manage all the formalities of construction loans leaving you in constant peace. So get in touch with us today!

    Our services

    We bring compelling services in construction loan brokers to gain customer’s trust

    Flexibility in conditions

    Finance Valley brings flexible payment terms matching clients’ level of convenience. The variety of payment options will get you through the construction process with ease.

    Professional processing

    Our team ensures professional handling of every construction loan plan for our clients. So they can focus on construction instead of stressing over loan approval paperwork.

    Extensive lender selection

    We deal with many loan lenders to match the best selection for your construction property plan.

    Attention to details

    Finance Valley takes care of your payment transfers and paperwork to keep you focused at the construction site. Therefore, you will be saved from management hassle when we take care of everything.


    We make sure to negotiate with the lenders on your behalf to keep the loan plan in your interest. So connect with Finance Valley to get the right loan plan for your property today!

    Our Construction Loan Broker

    Our procedure

    It is simple to start building your dream house with Finance Valley today!

    Contract with our honest commercial loan broker via phone call or visit our office. In this phase we collect basic information about your new property construction. Then you are handover to the team of best brokers.

    Step 01

    Step 02

    We feature a licensed Australian broker team to collect the information regarding your construction plan. In addition, our team will guide you through the entire process. Besides, our highly trained broker staff will suggest changes if certain aspects obstruct the fluent construction process.

    Step 03

    This step is about selecting the right construction loan plan for you. Our team will suggest the best plan depending on the lender’s policies.

    The step is about finalizing things after selecting a plan for your construction property. Besides, the process can either take place on a zoom session or a physical meeting depending upon the availability and respective circumstances.

    Step 04

    Step 05

    So get in contact with one of the professional staff members to select the best plan for your property construction today.

    Why Choose Finance Valley's Mortgage Broker Construction Loan?

    Trust that matters

    We bring trust home with our highly professional staff that favors your interest. Also, we always make sure to keep the payment information and personal details highly private. So nobody has access to your information but you.

    Always available

    Finance valley serves its clients 24/7 without disruptions. We ascertain that every incoming request is looked after at the earliest available time. Moreover, our staff members are highly passionate about helping every customer to achieve the best construction goals for their properties.

    Swift process

    We start the money lending process quickly after signing up for the construction contract. Also, Finance Valley incorporates extensive contacts with trustworthy moneylenders in the field to boost your process.

    Our job is to select the right lender and the money required for your construction plan.

    Experience that excels

    Customer’s satisfaction is our mantra for success. Therefore, we make it a point to take the stress out of your loan application process so that you never miss out on submitting essential documents.

    A deal that is sealed with reliability

    The customers get fixed pricing on construction contracts when choosing Finance Valley. Therefore, customers can concentrate on the construction processing without facing troubles with variations in pricing.

    It's time to dream big and discover your calling

    Are you fed-up of paying rent and ready to take next step in your life. Want to buy your dream home, no problem Finance Valley experts will make sure to get into your home in no time. With 95% of success rate in getting loan for the clients we have done in past and will do for you in future too.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Getting a loan for your construction project does not have to be a headache. With Finance Valley’s construction loan adviser, you will be able to complete the application process with accuracy and know your options.

    Builders generally allow minor changes to finishes but will not allow significant structural alterations. Therefore, before securing a construction loan, make sure that you have finalized the design and everything.

    A construction loan is meant for building new homes. In contrast, personal loans do not necessarily mean that you need to take up a building project.