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    Shire of Cardinia, Mount Burnett 3781

    Mount Burnett is a small country town and bounded locality located approximately 72 kilometres (45 mi) from Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia. The town has no post office or town centre. Most of the town is either farmland or rural housing. The town shares its postcode (3781) with neighbouring town Cockatoo. Mount Burnett is located in the Shire of Cardinia. Gembrook West Post Office opened on 1 January 1885, was renamed Mount Burnett in 1921 and closed in 1978.

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    It is a type of personal loan for those with bad credit history. Traditional banks consider you a high-risk borrower when you have poor credit, and it may get difficult for you to secure a loan. However, Finance Valley aims to help you with securing a loan by assessing your bad credit loan applications.

    Humans make mistakes. Sometimes, all it takes to drive your credit score down is a slip-up. You may end up getting bad credit due to:
    • Missed or late payment
    • Bankruptcy
    • Default on a loan
    • Credit card loan that has accrued beyond the repayment date
    At Finance Valley, we take a fresh approach and offer you a loan by not assessing you based on your credit history.

    At Finance Valley, our criteria are straightforward. For a bad credit loan, you must:
    • Provide proof of identification
    • Have a regular income
    • Be over 18